We are proud of our doctors!

The main thing in any medical organization is a team of highly professional doctors. We employ only the best specialists who constantly improve their skills and apply the most advanced international techniques.

Postgraduate training (Aspirantura) supervised by DMSc Professor Elizarova. More than 35 advanced training courses.
More than 17 years experience in the best clinics.

Dentist therapist
More than 15 advanced training courses, modelling and restoration of teeth. Dental treatment under visual control using a microscope or binocular loupes
Dentist therapist
Root canal treatment with use of microscopy, modelling and restoration of teeth. More than 10 advanced training courses.
Completed Candidate's dissertation in Medicine. Temporomandibular joints treatment. Assistant of the Department of ortopedical dentistry.
More than 22 advanced training courses. More than 10 years experience in the best clinics. Treatment using multi-loop arch wires (MEAW) without extraction of premolar teeth.
Doctor of Dental Surgery, Implantologist
Lecturer at the Department of Surgical Dentistry. Placement of any complexity, periodontal microsurgery.
Holder of Postgraduate Degree (Aspirantura) in Orthodontics awarded in the Russian Federation, attended advanced training courses in Malaysia and Spain. Actively participates in conferences and is an author of scientific works.
Dentist therapist
Completed Candidate's dissertation in Medicine. Has teaching experience at the General Dentistry Department of Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry. Prize winner of scientific conferences.
Aspirant of Department of Maxillofacial, Plastic Surgery and Dentistry Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry named after A.I.Evdokimov
Treatment of TMJ dysfunction with splint therapy. FACE Certified Specialist. Internship in Spain.
Dental surgeon, implantologist
More than 20 advanced training courses, over 6 years experience in the best clinics
More than 5 years experience in one of the best clinics in RF. Teached another specialists. Specializes in restorations.
More than 10 years in our clinic. Attentive and responsible
Technologies and materials
Carl Zeiss microscope
Carl Zeiss microscope

For the high-quality performance of many works in dentistry, the magnification is necessary. We use one of the best devices from the industry leader – Carl Zeiss Omni Pico microscope.

Digital 3D X-ray machine
Digital 3D X-ray machine

Digital X-ray machine reduces the radiation load by an order of magnitude and makes it similar to a flight in an airplane, and the images on our Sirona CT scan are performed with the highest detail.


We believe that any prophetic and orthodontic treatment can’t be successful without attention to TMJ.

Multi-loop arcs (Treatment based on the Sadao Sato method)
Multi-loop arcs (Treatment based on the Sadao Sato method)

Many of our orthodontists are owned the orthodontic treatment technology with the use of multi-loop arcs: this avoids the removal of premolars.

Only the best materials
Only the best materials

We choose the best for all the manipulations: Estelite sealants, Damon, In Ovation braces, Invisalign mouthguards, etc. This is the key for quality treatment along with the professionalism of doctors.

Why patients choose us

and achievements
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It was important for me to find clinic specialized in orthodontics.
“And I finally went to hygiene, they did it very well. Now I smile even wider 😁 "
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Useful information
Missing teeth

The most modern way of teeth restoration is the installation of implants followed by the installation of metal-free crowns or metal-ceramic crowns. In case of multiple defects, the dental crowns combine to the dental bridge. And in the absence of teeth, all-on-four prosthetics are performed.


Toothache most often shows that there is an inflammatory process inside the tooth (pulpitis) or in the tissues surrounding the tooth (periodontitis). In any case, an urgent visit to the therapist is necessary for tooth treatment, and sometimes – to the surgeon to remove a tooth.

If you do not like the appearance of teeth

The integrated approach use is mandatory: in order to eliminate minor defects, it is enough to carry out an art restoration. In case of serious defects, the veneers are installed on the teeth. Sometimes, before installing veneers, it is necessary to put the teeth in the right places – perform orthodontic treatment.

Swollen gum

A swollen gum shows that there is an inflammatory process. Therefore, even in the absence of pain, you should immediately visit the dentist. Inflammation can be caused by periodontal disease, as well as other causes.

Jaw clicks, pain in joint

One of the main causes of problems with the temporomandibular joint is the overload of the joint due to the malfunctioning of the dental system. To correct the situation, the gnatologist relaxes the muscles, plans and performs proper dental prosthetics, that helps relieve the joint.

Snagged teeth

We specialize in occlusion correction: this is the best way to create a flawless smile at any age. Generally, the treatment is performed on braces, or the removable transparent mouthguards are used. Sometimes it requires the installation of veneers or other prosthetics for completion.

If you are not satisfied with the color of the teeth

The comprehensive cleaning (5 stages, including air-flow and ultrasound) allows you to make your teeth brighter by 2-3 tones, and is also justified for prevention. If you need the maximum effect, we recommend ZOOM! whitening, which makes teeth whiter by 8-10 tones.

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Get a free consultation (до 31.08.22)
The promotion does not apply to patients already undergoing treatment for bite correction in other clinics, as well as to consultations of a number of doctors and consultations on gnathology; a free panoramic photo is taken for internal use; other additional images may be needed in a number of areas.

Free consultation that lasts 30-60 minutes includes:

  • Detailed conversation with the patient
  • Panoramic radiograph (for internal use)
  • Comprehensive treatment plan

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Ortodont Complex dentistry was found in 2007. During this period we have assembled a team of professionals, purchased the best equipment and developed a concept of complex treatment.


Our clinic offers a full range of dental services:

  • basic dental treatment, endodontics with microscope
  • orthodontic treatment with all types of ligature, self-ligating, lingual braces
  • Invisalign
  • prosthetics and implantation
  • all types of dental surgery

Work principles

Our aim is to provide complex planing and treatment to each patient. It is due to the fact that everything in the dentistry is interrelated: bite, moving of the jaws affects on what loads will affect on teeth, as well as the temporomandibular joint. Lack of teeth leads to loss of bone tissue and to displacement of other teeth, etc.
Thus, the aim of each doctor is to refer a patient for consultation to a appropriate specialist and to develop a general, complex treatment plan.
Our priority is patients health. Aesthetics is also important, but its achievement should not be harmful to health. What does this mean? For example, if teeth are uneven, it is wrong to grind them too hard to install crowns without orthodontic treatment.

Our doctors

In our clinic there are 14 doctors of various specializations, 3 PhD. All doctors annually visit many advanced training courses, including international ones. Modern dentistry is impossible without constant training and using of new technologies. Therefore, we support a young, energetic and constantly improving team.

Our technologies

Dentistry is one of the fastest growing and changing section of medicine. The use of such technologies as implantation of teeth, treatment with transparent aligners a couple of decades ago were very rare.

We constantly purchase the best equipment to provide the highest quality services for the convenience of doctors and patients:

  • dental CT scanner from Sirona (Germany) takes x-ray pictures with maximum (compared to competitors) detail
  • for the treatment of teeth with magnification, we chose a microscope from the industry leader – Carl Zeiss

For any treatment, we purchase only the best – from boot covers and gloves to implants and braces.

Our prices

We recruit the best specialists to work, buying the most modern equipment, use only the best materials, and at the same time we offer the average price in Moscow.

Please note that depending on the load of some doctors, can be used coefficients to price (all of them are listed in the price list page).

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