Dental braces treatment

Today, the occlusion adjustment with braces is the most common way to correct the occlusion. This is due to the fact that:

  • the cost of occlusion adjustment on braces is relatively low;
  • the braces are very effective;
  • there is a wide experience of their use;
  • all the orthodontists are able use them as a tool of treatment, of course in varying degrees.

Braces – this is a set of attachments consisting of small “pads”, which are mounted on the teeth (in fact, they are called braces) and arches. The arches are attached in one way or another (depending on the specific type of orthodontic equipment) on the braces and pull them into the required position due to the fact that they are made of a material having a shape memory. Alternately changing the arches, the doctor seeks to move the teeth in the correct position.

How to choose braces

Today there are many types and classifications of braces:

By fastening method
External (vestibular) and internal (lingual).
By material
Metallic, sapphire, ceramic, gold-bearing.
By way of the arch mounting
Ligature, self-ligating.
It cannot be said that some braces are definitely better than others for the occlusion adjustment: only an experienced orthodontist can properly choose the right braces based on both the diagnosis and the wishes and the abilities of the patient.

Popular braces

Among the many types, some of them stand out most frequently among physicians. Although it is possible to fix the bite in the end almost with any bracket system, the choice of physicians is due to the following reasons:

  • reasonable design – makes it easier to do the necessary movements of the teeth;
  • quality of manufacture and materials used – for example, in the case of ceramic brackets directly affect their reliability;
  • long-term clinical results and extensive experience in use are perhaps one of the main criteria.

The following braces would like to be distinguished by these criteria among the others:

  1. Damon braces are one of the most popular in the Russian market.
  2. Victory braces are popular ligature braces (the arch is attached with ligatures – special rings). They are good in that they have a small thickness, and therefore they interfere less with the patient.
  3. In Ovation brackets (R, C and L) are modern competitors for Damon braces.
  4. Incognito and WIN lingual braces – developed by Dr. Wichman, which are made individually for each patient and are mounted on the inner side of the teeth.

What to look for when choosing braces:

  • applicability of this bracket system to a specific clinical case;
  • convenience, comfort – from this point of view, self-ligating braces are usually preferable (Damon, In Ovation – external, or Incognito, Win – internal);
  • aesthetics – with increased requirements for appearance, the transparent braces are selected, for example, Damon Q, or Incognito, or Win internal braces;
  • cost – naturally plays an important role for the patient.
Deadlines for the occlusion adjustment usually range of 6 months to 2 years or more (in the most difficult cases). The highest percentage of cases is subject to treatment within 1.5-2 years. The retention period usually lasts two times longer than the main treatment.

Examples of treatment

Removing the bracket system

Visualization of residual glue for its safe removal. Grinding residues with polishing machines.

Снятие брекет системы - фото до и после Before After

Correction of teeth overcrowding in the anterior area

The dental curve is aligned, the overcrowding is eliminated. The place for the fifth tooth located in the gum was freed, after which it successfully cut through. Attending physician is Elena Sergeevna Meshcheryakova.

Photo before and after correction of teeth overcrowding in the anterior area Before After


Postgraduate training (Aspirantura) supervised by DMSc Professor Elizarova. More than 35 advanced training courses.
More than 17 years experience in the best clinics.

More than 22 advanced training courses. More than 10 years experience in the best clinics. Treatment using multi-loop arch wires (MEAW) without extraction of premolar teeth.
Holder of Postgraduate Degree (Aspirantura) in Orthodontics awarded in the Russian Federation, attended advanced training courses in Malaysia and Spain. Actively participates in conferences and is an author of scientific works.
Treatment of TMJ dysfunction with splint therapy. FACE Certified Specialist. Internship in Spain.
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Основные манипуляции, используемые в конкретной процедуре, уже включены в стоимость. В некоторых процедурах цена разбита на этапы, о чем доктор предупредит заранее.
Full course of treatment on the Victory ligation braces, 1 dental curve
229 000 руб.
Full course of treatment with self-ligating braces In Ovation R, 1 dental curve
249 000 руб.
Full course of treatment with self-ligating braces Damon Q, 1 dental curve
269 000 руб.
Full course of treatment with self-ligating braces In Ovation C + R, 1 dental curve
269 000 руб.
Full course of treatment with metal braces based on the Sadao Sato method, 1 dental curve
289 000 руб.
Full course of treatment with self-ligating braces Damon Clear + Q, 1 dental curve
289 000 руб.
Full course of treatment with metal+ceramic braces based on the Sadao Sato method, 1 dental curve
309 000 руб.
Full course of treatment with Invisalign Full aligners
439 000 руб.


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