Dental composite filling

Dental filling is a dental procedure aimed at eliminating pathological cavities in the dental crown. To fill the cavities the fillings – quick-hardening materials with high strength and resistance to abrasion are used.

The most modern – sealants of light polymerization – are made of composite materials hardening under the influence of special light.

Installing a sealant helps to solve the following therapeutic tasks:

  • Closes the pathogenic flora access to the inner layers of dentin.
  • Masks cracks, chips, other aesthetic defects of the teeth resulting from injuries or for other reasons.

Main stages of filling, or how to put sealants

Before filling the tooth, the dentist conducts a multi-stage preparatory work, the purpose of which is to destroy the pathogenic focus, in order to exclude the possibility of dentin destruction under the filling. The followings are in the list of such events:

  1. Removal of affected or pigmented enamel areas.
  2. In the case of deep caries, pulpitis and other diseases of the dentin – opening of the dental crown and removal of damaged tissue.
  3. Formation of the cavity shape optimal for filling.
  4. Antiseptic treatment of the filling area.
  5. Drying and isolation from saliva.

Then comes the filling, which also takes place in several stages:

  • If necessary, install an insulating gasket.
  • Etching of the inner walls with special compounds to increase adhesion with the seal.
  • Filling the cavity with filling materials.
  • Packing and modeling the sealant.
  • Highlight by the special polymerization lamp.
  • Grinding and making anatomic form.

Why it is impossible to postpone tooth filling

Open cavities and active pathogenic foci are always additional health risk factors. Failure to timely filling can cause many complications, the treatment of which requires a large investment of time and money.

Examples of treatment

Modelling and restoration of teeth

Modelling and restoration of teeth with the maximum selection of the color of a natural tooth.

Художественная реставрация зубов - фото до и после Before After


Dentist therapist
More than 15 advanced training courses, modelling and restoration of teeth. Dental treatment under visual control using a microscope or binocular loupes
Dentist therapist
Root canal treatment with use of microscopy, modelling and restoration of teeth. More than 10 advanced training courses.
Dentist therapist
Completed Candidate's dissertation in Medicine. Has teaching experience at the General Dentistry Department of Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry. Prize winner of scientific conferences.
Modelling and restoration of teeth. Dental treatment under visual control using a microscope or binocular loupes.
More than 5 years experience in one of the best clinics in RF. Teached another specialists. Specializes in restorations.
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Installation of light polymerization sealant, 1 surface
Прицельный снимок, анестезия, оптрагейт, коффердам, препарирование зуба, реставрация зуба композитом последнего поколения. Гарантия 3 года.
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