Main trends in dental prothesis

Prosthetics of teeth is the complete or partial restoration of teeth with the help of non-removable and removable structures: crowns, inlays, veneers, dentures on implants, etc.

The main trends of modern prosthetics are:

  • Implant supported restoration.
  • Prosthetics using of all-ceramic crowns or zirconia crowns (i.e. avoiding metal-ceramic crowns).
  • First of all – occlusion accounting (how teeth will close), the restoration of the chewing function, together with the impact on the temporomandibular joint, the use of the articulator.
  • Tooth preparation under the crown with a ledge (so that the edges of the crown were leaned on the native tooth).
  • A clear understanding of chewing loads and other factors when planning prosthetics.

When the dental prosthetics is needed

Dental prosthetics are necessary in the following cases:

  • With complete (edentulous) or partial loss of a tooth.
  • After endodontic treatment.
  • When severe damages to the teeth.
  • To restore chewing function.

Why it is important to prosthesis teeth in time

Partial or complete absence of a tooth is a rather serious problem that should not be underestimated and postponed for later:

  1. If the tooth is absent completely, in this place the bone tissue of the jaw decreases rather quickly – this makes it difficult and makes prosthetics more expensive in the future.
  2. Teeth located on the other jaw (antagonist teeth) tends to move towards an empty space and deteriorates gradually.
  3. Neighboring teeth with absent one are shifted to this empty space – large gaps appears, and prior orthodontic treatment may be required for prosthetics.
  4. When partial destruction of the tooth, if you do not carry out the prosthesis in time, its further complete destruction occurs.
  5. When the chewing function is impaired, the organs of the gastrointestinal tract are affected.
  6. When improper occlusion (teeth joining), the remaining teeth are experienced serious overloads and destroyed quickly.
  7. The loss of some teeth, or a large number of teeth can lead to a violation of diction, changes in facial features (drooping of the lips, cheeks), etc.
Delaying is not only harmful to health, but also makes the treatment and prosthetics of the teeth in the future more difficult, long, and the cost increases.

Contraindications for dental prosthetics

Common contraindications to prosthetics include:

  • Acute diseases, as well as some serious diseases (cardiovascular system, respiratory organs, etc.) in the stage of their escalation.
  • Mental illness, drug dependency.
  • Contraindications preventing local anesthesia.
  • Condition after radiation therapy.
  • Severe exhaustion.
  • Pregnancy, etc.

Methods of teeth prosthetic

Removable rehabilitation

  • Partial and full removable dentures.
  • Temporary dentures.
  • Bugel dentures.

Non-removable rehabilitation

The most popular and common type of prosthetics, when the teeth are fixed on a permanent basis.

Advantages of non-removable rehabilitation:
  • Convenient use and hygiene.
  • Best aesthetics.
  • Long service life.
The disadvantages are:
  • The higher cost.
As a rule, in the absence of specific recommendations, it should be choose non-removable prosthesis.

Types of dental prosthesis

Single crowns
These are teeth prosthetic replacing by one tooth. Previously, such crowns were made of metal. Modern crowns are often made of ceramics and zirconium dioxide.
In fact, it is a few crowns united in the so-called bridge.

How to install dental prosthesis

The doctor makes teeth impression. After that:

  1. The doctor together with the patient selects the color of the future crown, which should match the color of the patient’s teeth.
  2. With a long wait, for example, for preparation, implantation, etc., the temporary crowns are installed to the patient.
  3. The laboratory stage of prosthetics consists in the manufacture of dental prostheses by technicians based on the task set by the orthopedic surgeon.
  4. After transferring the manufactured prostheses to the clinic, the doctor tries on the crowns, checks the contacts, makes adjustments if necessary. After that, the prosthesis is fixed (in the case of non-removable prostheses), or the removable prosthesis is transferred to the patient.

Examples of treatment

Installation of ceramic crown

The patient requested a beautiful smile. A ceramic crown was installed.

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Completed Candidate's dissertation in Medicine. Temporomandibular joints treatment. Assistant of the Department of ortopedical dentistry.
Aspirant of Department of Maxillofacial, Plastic Surgery and Dentistry Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry named after A.I.Evdokimov
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Основные манипуляции, используемые в конкретной процедуре, уже включены в стоимость. В некоторых процедурах цена разбита на этапы, о чем доктор предупредит заранее.
Installation of temporary plastic crown
3 500 руб.
Installation of stump single-rooted ceramic filling (cobalt-chrome)
11 900 руб.
Installation of Noritake metal-ceramic crown
Оптрагейт, коффердам, анестезия, препарирование зуба, снятие высокоточных слепков, изготовление и установка коронки.
29 900 руб.
Installation of Emax ceramic filling
Оптрагейт, коффердам, анестезия, препарирование зуба, снятие высокоточных слепков, изготовление и установка вкладки.
44 900 руб.
Installation of Emax ceramic crown
Оптрагейт, коффердам, анестезия, препарирование зуба, снятие высокоточных слепков, изготовление и установка винира
44 900 руб.
Installation of zirconium dioxide crown
Оптрагейт, коффердам, анестезия, препарирование зуба, снятие высокоточных слепков, изготовление и установка коронки.
44 900 руб.
Installation of Emax veneer
Оптрагейт, коффердам, анестезия, препарирование зуба, снятие высокоточных слепков, изготовление и установка коронки/винира.
49 900 руб.
Installation of implant-supported Emax ceramic crown
Оптрагейт, анестезия, аналог, трансфер, титановый абатмент, слепки, изготовление и установка коронки.
59 900 руб.


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