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Dental crowns

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Dental crowns Dental crowns
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rub. 2900.00-69900.00

Examples of treatment

Installation of ceramic crown

The patient requested a beautiful smile. A ceramic crown was installed.

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Completed Candidate's dissertation in Medicine. Temporomandibular joints treatment. Assistant of the Department of ortopedical dentistry.
scientific articles
advanced training courses
Aspirant of Department of Maxillofacial, Plastic Surgery and Dentistry Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry named after A.I.Evdokimov
advanced training courses
Installation on living (vital) teeth
Gnathology-directed methods

OPTG X-ray + consultation for free


Average in Moscow
Honest, no surprises
  • Installation of temporary plastic crown 2 900 rub.
  • Installation of Noritake metal-ceramic crown 27 900 rub.
  • Installation of Emax ceramic crown 39 900 rub.
  • Installation of zirconium dioxide crown 39 900 rub.
  • Installation of implant-supported Emax ceramic crown 54 900 rub.
Top doctors + Modern equipment = Extended Warranty
Miss Russia Finalist 2018
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Yana Egoryan
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Free consultation that lasts 40-60 minutes includes:

  • Detailed conversation with the patient
  • Comprehensive treatment plan
  • Panoramic radiograph (for internal use)

About dental clinic crown

Crown on the tooth is one of the types of non-removable prostheses, which is designed to restore the shape of the tooth, as well as its aesthetic and chewing functions.

Types of dental crowns

Crowns can be either single or combined with each other in a bridgework. Single crowns, in turn, can be made of the following materials:

Metal ceramicsStrength, high aesthetic qualities, affordable price.

Less aesthetic than metalless.

Larger amount of enamel sewing is required.

Metal-free ceramicsVirtually indistinguishable from natural teeth due to transparency, there is no metal in the composition, strength, durability, less likelihood of chipping.Relatively high cost.
MetalStrength, low cost, durability.Low aesthetic and operational qualities.
Metal plasticLow cost, acceptable aesthetic properties.

May cause allergies, short service life,


The patients who are most concerned about aesthetic and operational qualities choose metal-free ceramic crowns, and the optimum ratio of price and quality is metal-ceramic. 

If prosthetics of both the front and chewing teeth is required, then the best choice at an acceptable cost would be metal-free crowns on the front teeth and metal-ceramic teeth on the chewing ones.

Metal-plastic is usually used for temporary prosthetics.

Indications and contraindications

The dentist may recommend installing crowns for patients with the following problems in the dental curve:

  • The absence of one or more teeth.
  • The destruction of the tooth crown more than half.
  • Tooth deformation, color handling.
  • Heavily erased enamel.
  • Anomalies in the development of hard tooth substance.
Among the contraindications, only temporary states, after elimination of which it will be possible to proceed with the installation of crowns, are noted.

Manufacturing process and installation steps

Depending on the materials used, the manufacture of different prostheses may differ slightly among themselves. In general, it is possible to distinguish the main stages, which almost always have a place to be:

  • Consultation, diagnosis, drawing up a treatment plan.
  • Sanitation of the oral cavity (treatment of caries, elimination of foci of possible infection, etc.).
  • Tooth preparation (turning and, most often, depulping) or pre-installation of an implant with an abutment.
  • Taking jaw casts.
  • Making molds for the future prosthesis.
  • Casting (milling) the crown.
  • Try-in.
  • Fixing.
In the absence of a tooth, the option of installing crowns on implants is usually used.
Ganina Anastasia Andreevna
How to choose a dental clinic?
  • Everything is constantly changing in medicine, therefore it is impossible to treat without hight quality and continuous education
  • In consequence of low qualification:
ComplicationsTeeth destruction as a result of high loadsJoint diseasesShort term crowns lifeNecessity of more expansive retreatment

Our doctors

Annually visit many advanced training courses, including international onesAlways practice complex treatment and use all modern technologies

High-tech industry

Good diagnosis is the key to quality of treatment.Unscrupulous clinics are trying to save on everything

We have

One of the best in detailing Sirona 3D X-ray machine, Carl Zeiss microscope and many other advanced equipment. We use only the best: from overshoes and gloves to implants, dental crowns and braces

The main criterion is the adequacy to the services provided.

Many clinics offer low quality services at high prices. Declared prices do not correspond to reality, and the real price is already reported in the treatment process

We offer

Premium quality at average prices.

Prices on the site correspond to the price list. At the consultation, the patient receives a comprehensive treatment plan with a full understanding of the cost. Interest-free installments and payment in stages are possible.
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