Cosmetic whitening

Teeth whitening, as the name implies, is a procedure for teeth whitening. As a rule, the basis of all whitening procedures is the use of hydrogen peroxide, from which oxygen is released as a result of a chemical reaction: using it, the whitening is occurred.

Really high-quality, lasting results, as well as the absence of complications, are precisely whitening in the conditions of a dental clinic conducted by qualified specialists.

When the teeth whitening is recommended

It should be noted that teeth whitening is not in itself necessary for medical reasons. This, however, does not make this procedure useless for the patient: modern whitening gives a very noticeable effect – tooth lightening up to 10-12 tones, which greatly affects the appearance of thepatient, and therefore on his/here success, personal life, etc.

It should also be noted that the teeth may become lighter (though not to the same extent) even after a comprehensive cleaning, air flow procedure or removal of dental tartar.

Absolute contraindication to the whitening is an allergy to hydrogen peroxide.

Whitening often leads to increased sensitivity of the teeth (usually for 1-2 days after the procedure).

Methods of teeth whitening

Modern methods of whitening are distinguished by the fact that it activates a chemical reaction to release oxygen from hydrogen peroxide.

ZOOM3 photo whitening

Photo whitening using Philips’ ZOOM3 system is the most advanced whitening technology, which gives a very noticeable and lasting result.


  • using a lamp with a certain length of light to activate the reaction;
  • quickness of the procedure – whitening in one visit to the clinic;
  • effective and persistent – whitening up to 10-12 tones; the difference before and after whitening is very noticeable.
On the other hand, strong whitening causes greater sensitivity.

Opalescence whitening

Opalescence system is one of the systems, in which activation occurs by mixing 2 components. It causes less discomfort and sensitivity compared to photo-whitening, but its effect is also weaker.

Teeth whitening procedure

The process is as follows:

  • the doctor finds out the presence of contraindications, examines the patient, presents the procedure cost, selects the method of whitening.
  • as a rule, the complex cleaning is scheduled prior to the whitening.
  • a special gel is applied to the teeth. This gel reduces its sensitivity.
  • soft tissues are insulated, as ingestion of whitening ingredients on them can cause burns.
  • it is applied directly to the substance, with which whitening is performed, and, in the case of photo whitening, it is activated using a special lamp.

Examples of treatment

Teeth whitening

Safe and effective whitening of the latest generation Zoom4.

Отбеливание зубов Zoom4 - фото до и после Before After

Professional oral hygiene

Removal of pigmented plaque with the Air flow soft system, ultrasonic cleaning of subgingival dental deposits, polishing.

Профгигиена полости рта - фото до и после Before After

Before and after: art restoration

Art restoration of tooth 1.2. and Opalescence teeth whitening. Attending physician is Nelli Sergeevna Malysheva.

Photo before and after art restoration of the incisor tooth. Attending physician is Nelli Sergeevna Malysheva Before After


Dentist therapist
More than 15 advanced training courses, modelling and restoration of teeth. Dental treatment under visual control using a microscope or binocular loupes
Dentist therapist
Root canal treatment with use of microscopy, modelling and restoration of teeth. More than 10 advanced training courses.
Dentist therapist
Completed Candidate's dissertation in Medicine. Has teaching experience at the General Dentistry Department of Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry. Prize winner of scientific conferences.
Modelling and restoration of teeth. Dental treatment under visual control using a microscope or binocular loupes.
More than 5 years experience in one of the best clinics in RF. Teached another specialists. Specializes in restorations.
More than 10 years in our clinic. Attentive and responsible
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Основные манипуляции, используемые в конкретной процедуре, уже включены в стоимость. В некоторых процедурах цена разбита на этапы, о чем доктор предупредит заранее.
Professional cleaning complex, 1 dental curve (Piezon + Air flow + cleaning with tooth paste + fluoridation + remineralization), 1 dental curve
Air-flow, Piezon, Hawe CleanPolish, по показаниям реминерализация и фторирование
10 000 руб.
8 900 руб.
Professional Opalescence whitening
18 900 руб.
Professional ZOOM light activated whitening
29 900 руб.


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