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Invisalign Invisalign
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Orthodontic treatment
Many years experience with Invisalign

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About Invisalign aligners

Invisalign – transparent aligners (splints) to align the teeth and the occlusion adjustment.

More than five million patients around the world have been cured on the Invisalign splints – this has allowed them to accumulate vast clinical experience with long-term results and to develop the best technologies in the industry.

Stages of occlusion adjustment with Invisalign

Any type of treatment in dentistry begins with an examination of the patient’s mouth. In general, treatment includes the following stages:

  • Production of dental casts and photographs of the patient’s oral cavity, sending to the laboratory.
  • Drawing up a virtual treatment plan, coordination with the attending physician.
  • Manufacturing the splints and import to Russia.
  • Directly treatment – wearing of splints with their change every 2 weeks (or more often, according to the testimony of the doctor).
The period of correction depends on the complexity of each case and can range of several months to two years.

Advantages and disadvantages of Invisalign aligners

Invisalign aligners became the best in their segment due to the following advantages:
  • Manufactured individually for the patient using computer 3D modeling, therefore, take into account all of its features.
  • They are transparent and elastic, have a high aesthetics and ease of use. At the same time, very strength.
  • Tightly fixed on the teeth.
  • Do not change diction, not felt in the mouth as a foreign body.
  • Differs in the minimum period of adaptation.
  • Does not require complex care.
  • As noted above, Invisalign has the most extensive experience in the production of aligners. Their processes are adjusted to the smallest detail.
In addition to the advantages, the Invisalign splints also has disadvantages:
  • Since the system is made to order in the United States, the treatment with Invisalign splints is quite expensive.
  • Also, due to the necessity of import, the preparatory stage can take up to 3 months.
  • Despite the fact that the appliances are removable, they must be worn all the time (except time for eating and hygiene). Thus, the splints require self-discipline.
  • Invisilign splints are the leaders in the industry, and a competent specialist can correct almost any dental anomalies with these splints and accessories, but in some difficult cases, treatment with splints is less justified than with braces.

Rules for wearing and caring for aligners

These rules are common for the aligners from all manufacturers:

  1. The term of the splints wearing is at least 20-22 hours per day.
  2. During the eating, the apparatus must be removed. Teeth and splints should be cleaned after each meal.
  3. In case of breakage, deformation or other changes, it is necessary to contact a doctor immediately.
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