Root canal therapy

Root canals – cavities inside the root of the tooth, located vertically and filled with pulp – quite vascular and nerve endings with a soft tissue.

The shape and branching of the dental canals make them a good “vessel” for the development of pathogenic bacteria, especially against the background of carious lesions and other inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity.

Indications for cleaning and treatment of the root canals

The main indication for the treatment of dental canals is significant or complete destruction of the pulp caused by diseases such as pulpitis and periodontitis. If caries affects a part of the tooth that is not visible on visual inspection, and the crown looks healthy, the main symptom of pulp damage is pain, which can occur both due to external stimuli (food particles, temperature changes, acid effects), and without them (especially at night).

Root canal cleaning, treatment, filling

Many patients who will have to root canal cleaning for the first time are interested in how pulp diseases are treated and how painful the procedure is.

Since the pulp is penetrated with nerve endings, all medical manipulations with it are performed with anesthesia only. This makes the treatment painless and comfortable for the patient.

Cleaning and treatment of the dental canals require high medical qualifications and mandatory monitoring using X-rays and other diagnostic equipment. Procedures are carried out in stages, treatment often involves several visits to the clinic. 

After an anesthetic injection, the doctor performs the following therapeutic measures:

  • A diseased tooth is isolated with the help of a special device – kofferdam.
  • The doctor reams the affected tooth, opening access to the apex of the root canal.
  • Using special tools – files – the doctor removes the pulp and cleans the canal from all dead tissue.
  • If purulent inflammation occurs, the tooth is left open for several days to ensure the outflow of pus.
  • After drying and disinfection, the canals are filled using modern materials.
  • The final stage is the installation of a permanent filling with imitation of the anatomical shape of the dental crown, or the installation of a crown.
Thus, the cost of treatment can be significant, but it is justified because the chance of saving a tooth is an opportunity to save much more than its removal and subsequent implantation.

Root canal handling methods

After removal of the damaged pulp, the root canals must be processed in order to give them the best form for filling: conical and wide enough.

One of the modern techniques of cleaning the root canals – processing under the microscope. Maximum magnification makes it possible to process even difficult-to-reach areas and see the smallest details of the affected area.


Dentist therapist
More than 15 advanced training courses, modelling and restoration of teeth. Dental treatment under visual control using a microscope or binocular loupes
Dentist therapist
Root canal treatment with use of microscopy, modelling and restoration of teeth. More than 10 advanced training courses.
Dentist therapist
Completed Candidate's dissertation in Medicine. Has teaching experience at the General Dentistry Department of Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry. Prize winner of scientific conferences.
Modelling and restoration of teeth. Dental treatment under visual control using a microscope or binocular loupes.
More than 5 years experience in one of the best clinics in RF. Teached another specialists. Specializes in restorations.
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