Tooth extraction procedure

Modern dentistry focuses on the preservation of teeth and has an extensive set of technologies for this. Nevertheless, there are situations when it is impossible or impractical to save a tooth. In such cases, medical interventions begin with the removal of the affected tooth.

Indications for removal

Among the most frequent indications for the tooth extraction:

  • Significant or complete tooth destruction due to carious processes.
  • Purulent inflammations.
  • Chronic inflammatory processes that are not treatable.
  • The presence of teeth that interfere with prosthetics. Sometimes the installation of a bridge or a removable prosthesis is hampered by single teeth. Since prosthetics can improve the condition of the oral cavity significantly and improve the quality of life, it is advisable to “sacrifice” a tooth, if there is no other way out or the prognosis of tooth preservation is not favorable.
  • Fractures or other damage to the root.
  • Preparation of dental curve for installation of braces or correction plates with heavy overcrowding.

Why you should not delay the removal of teeth

Extraction of a tooth is an extreme measure, which dentists can do only when they are sure that it is impossible to save a tooth with therapeutic methods. In the best case, the refusal to remove will entail the impossibility of prosthetics of already absent teeth. At worst, it will lead to a change in occlusion or the development of inflammatory processes and increased suppuration, as a result of which not only the oral cavity will suffer, but also the general state of health.

Types of tooth extractions

Simple removal
If the supragingival part of the tooth is slightly damaged and is clearly visible, the tooth is in its place, does not affect other teeth, it can be removed with the help of special tools without having to cut the gums and other surgical measures.
Difficult removal
Often, complex removal is required to extract wisdom teeth. This is due to the fact that the “eights” erupt in adulthood when the formation of the dentition is completed, due to which the wisdom tooth often takes the wrong position (dystopic) or remains immersed in the gum.


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