We provide an extended warranty for most of our common services.

ServiceTerm of extended warranty
Pulpitis treatment under the microscope 2 years
Installation of last generation light polymerization sealant3 years
Art restoration 3 years
Composite resin veneers3 years
Porcelain crowns (including implant supported)3 years
Metal-free crowns  (including implant supported)5 years
Ceramic veneers 5 years
Installation of Astra Tech, Straumann premium implantsLifetime 

What is unique about these conditions??

Despite the development of treatment technologies, for various reasons, fillings can fall out and crowns can be destroyed prematurely, and the vast majority of clinics take responsibility only for a year after the work done (and some of them don’t want to be responsible for anything at all).

We are confident in our specialists, the technologies and materials which we are using, and, accordingly, in the quality of the treatment performed!

That’s why, if patients observe warranty conditions, we undertake additional, extended obligations.

Extended warranty conditions

  1. Strict adherence to doctor’s recommendations
  2. Doctor examination and comprehensive hygiene in our clinic at least 1 time in 6 months
  3. The absence of excessive mechanical, chemical and other effects on the dentofacial system.
  4. Treatment for this problem only in our clinic
  5. The absence of a doctor’s warning about the treatment of a particular situation without a guarantee due to the individual characteristics of the patient.

What does extended warranty mean?

Subject to all conditions for the provision of an extended warranty, we will fix the problem free of charge during the extended warranty period.

Extended Warranty Features

  1. Patient shoul contact us and report us as soon as problem was detected
  2. Problem which were detected during extended warranty period should be connected to previous treatment.
  3.  In some cases (pathologic tooth mobility, periodontitis, periodontal disease, some cases of pulpitis, periodontitis, etc.) doctor may warn that, due to the particular situation, the treatment is carried out without warranty and remains at the discretion of the patient.
  4. An extended warranty may be voided if the patient conceals any concomitant diseases and other factors that may affect the outcome of the treatment, as well as if such diseases and factors occur after treatment.
  5. The clinic may refuse treatment under an extended warranty in case of refusal of complex treatment, or partial treatment, if this could cause overloads or otherwise affect the work performed by the clinic.
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